xi nutrition's beginning

Years ago when the founder was in the military as an Airborne Paratrooper, there was a discipline when it came to fitness and staying in shape.  Once the founder left the military as a Disabled Veteran he started struggling with constant weight gain.  As the years and time went on, his weight just got away from him.  After many failed attempts going on and off different diets trying to  get back in shape was very difficult for him.  He became so frustrated with his weight gain and horrible food choices.   Some years latter he decided that he was tired of the cycle he was in.  He started researching the many ways of juicing fruits and vegetables to get ALL of the  nutrients out.  At that point, everything changed!  Juicing  helped him to lose weight and even have more energy.  His overall well-being improved tremendously.  He started to wonder how others could benefit from what he’d learned.  That’s when the idea of XI Nutrition was born!  He’s living the dream of  weight loss and being healthier in his 50’s than he’s ever been!   And that’s why he’s so passionate about XI Nutrition.  He wants to help as many people to chose “A Lifestyle Change” so you may experience the transformation and journey with us, XI Nutrition!

We Deal Only With Quality Organic Products!

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