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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can purchase one-time or if you would like you can register for a monthly subscription for even bigger savings.

All of our Superfoods and supplements are made in the USA at an  FDA registered facility.

Some people take our Super greens powder straight,  mixed with water or with their favorite drink (coconut or almond milk are popular).   They also like to mix them with their pre-workout supplement.   

The main reason why some people might experience diarrhea when taking a super greens powder is that they aren’t used to the ingredients within the formula. If someone hasn’t consumed the correct amount of vegetables, fiber, or probiotics for a long time, or possibly ever, their body will be shocked when all of these essential nutrients are consumed within one dose.

We recommend when dealing with children that getting the go-ahead from your family’s healthcare provider or nutritionist is highly important. They would be most familiar with everyone’s general health, history & any medication or supplement interactions, as well as possibly make usage/serving size recommendations.

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